Critical Chain Project Managment

Critical Chain Project Management
CCPM - Critical Chain Project Management offers a different Project Management approach that leads to delivering full scope on the originally promised due date.

Using the traditional PMI project management approach from the Project Management Body of Knowledge that most PMPs (Project Management Professionals) are trained on, most companies have found out the hard way that it leads to surprises.

  • 50% of project management offices close within three years (Association for Project Management)
  • PMO implementation failure rate is over 50% (Gartner Project Management 2014)
  • Only 33% of all projects are successfully completed on-time and/or within budget (Standish Group's Chaos Report)
  • 68% of stakeholders perceive their PMOs to be bureaucratic (2013 Gartner PPM Summit)
  • 60% of projects fail to meet their schedule, budget and quality goals (IBM Change Management Survey of 1,500 executives)

CCPM - Critical Chain Project Management is different in that it delivers the original scope on the originally promised due date, or much earlier.

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