Constraints Consulting


Provide customers the required knowledge and tools to remove, in the right order, what is blocking their success, based on validated effect-cause-effect logic.


Continuously improve management thinking systems, increasing knowledge, harmony and success for current and future generations.

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The Boeing TOC Community

In reflectful memory of:
Eli Goldratt (March 31, 1947 – June 11, 2011) was an Israeli physicist who invented and applied a scientific method to business management. He was the originator of the Theory of Constraints (TOC), the Thinking Processes (TP), Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR), Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) and much more.

Some memorable quotes of Eli:

- "People are good." - "Every conflict can be removed" - "Every situation, no matter how complex it initially looks, is exceedingly simple." - "Every situation can be significantly improved." - "There is always a win-win solution."

"There are no conflicts in reality."