What can the Theory of Constraints TOC do for the pharmaceutical supply chain?…

Pharmaceutical and the Theory of Constraints…

Capacity Constraint? – a resource which cannot provide timely capacity the systems demands for it, also referred to as a CCR (capacity constrained resource).
Market Constraint? – the amount of the pharmaceutical supply chain revenue is not sufficient to sustain the required growth of the system.
Time Constraint? – The response time of the pharmaceutical supply chain, to the requirement of the pharmaceutical markets is too long and to the extent that it jeopardizes the pharmaceutical supply chain's ability to meet its current commitment to its customers as well as the ability of winning new business.

Dr. Goldratt: The Theory of Constraints

What to change in the pharmaceutical supply chain?…

Constraints Consulting enables pharmaceutical companies to apply the principles of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) to the pharmaceutical industry, to identify, exploit and if necessary elevate the constraint(s) that is potentially blocking the performance of the pharmaceutical company or supply chain. Leveraging the operational improvement impact of implementing the Theory of Constraints and a TOC based project management approach, enables the pharmaceutical company and supply chain to reliably deliver on an irresistible product / service offer that is irrefusable by its markets.

Find out what TOC can do for the pharmaceutical supply chain!

PMP - Project Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry…

Constraints Consulting assists pharmaceutical companies and supply chains to implement the Theory of Constraints and leveraging a unique TOC based Project Management solution by combining a Process of OnGoing Improvement with an effective financial management approach. TOC based financial and project management can help reduce the undesirable effects of resource contention, bad multi-tasking, scope creep, and recovery plans.

Constraints Consulting helps customers to adapt to project changes, but reducing due-date delays and budget over-runs.

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